Never Forget

In which I once again forget something important

(Posted 2015-07-21 00:00:00 +0000)

Every time my wife and I go on a trip, I go through the same sequence:

  1. Begin to pack.
  2. Think to myself how useful it would be to create a standard, baseline packing list.
  3. Finish packing.
  4. Forget the baseline packing list idea.
  5. Forget some vital item.
  6. Chastise myself severely.

This trip, unfortunately, is no exception. Unfortunately, so is the all-too-common pattern of the vital item being vital to my lovely wife instead of myself. I can do without, but I hate my wife having to do so due solely to my stupidity.

So I HEREBY RESOLVE that I WILL create the baseline packing list. Forget something vital? Never again!