James P∴ GOLTZ (goltz20707)

I do lots of stuff. Some of it has to do with IT and related security, and someone pays me for that.

Obviously, one of the things I don't do (or at least don't care about here) is web design. I'm more interested in conveying information than making it look pretty. Sorry.

A few links:

Here's a few pre-emptive answers. More can be found here.

Why is this page so bare-bones?
It's a work in progress. I don't have much to say. Most of it is hidden from unqualified observers. I'm lazy. Take your pick.
How can I get a message to you?
Email and PGP are your best first step. We can arrange encrypted IM via email; I can accommodate Signal from Open Whisper Systems, Ricochet IM over Tor, CryptoCat and ChatSecure, plus anything else you can steer me towards.

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James P. Goltz
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